Will “Citizen development” suffer the same destiny as the hybrid engine?

Who has never heard about “Citizen development”? in this short post I am trying to counteract this trend by positioning above the current limits and also figuring out the next coming steps. Just ask yourself if business users really wants to develop their applications or processes? Is this way of doing things just a step towards something much more augmented?

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Fake News ?

I propose in this article to create a convolutional neural network to do NLP, and for the data I will use a dataset that you can simply find in the Kaggle datasets: FrenchFakeNewsDetector. You have understood the objective is twofold: on the one hand to see how we can use the convolution technique with vectors (1 dimension instead of images with 2+ dimensions) and on the other hand to do NLP with data in French.

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The Gradient Descent

How to talk about Machine Learning or even Deep Learning without addressing the – famous – gradient descent? There are many articles on this subject of course, but often you have to read several in order to fully understand all the mechanisms. Often too mathematical or not enough, I will try especially here to explain its operation smoothly and step by step in order to try to demystify the subject.

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