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Who Am I ?

For more than 20 years, I have had the chance to accumulate a solid experience around various projects around integration (data & applications). I have indeed worked in nine different companies which allowed me to adopt successively the vision of the service provider, the end customer and today the hat of the software publisher.
These varied experiences have brought me a lot of facets in the fields of data and processes. This naturally led me to intervene in large-scale projects around the digitalization of business processes.

Passionate about AI (Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning), and trained at ESME Sudria , I joined Blue Prism in 2019 as a solution consultant. 
Why ? Quite simply because I very clearly see automation as the “armed arm of AI”, its backbone in fact !
I am now fortunate to be able to combine all my skills with automation in order to help my clients to “robotize” sometimes very complex business processes in a more efficient way.

In parallel with my professional activity, I try to animate this blog as best I can in order to explain, and especially to easily share the fruit of my research and my background.
This blog is in a way a collection of what I explore. It has no ambition to become a point of reference in terms of data management and use. Instead, I see it as a place for popularizing computer technologies around data and process management.

Learning, convincing by argument and passing on knowledge could be my characteristic triptych.

Benoit Cayla.

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